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New Product: A20 Series 5 pins smart socket with lamp

Announcer: Futina Electric   Time:2017-8-28 9:18:30  Time visited:

        A20 Series is one of the series that launched by Futina for such a long time. This series is quite popular, with its unique outlook and excellent quality.

    Last month, the 5 pins smart socket with lamp was added intoA20 Series.What distinguishes itself from other 5 pins sockets is that it is with lamp. Adding a lamp brings much convenience to customers when they need to get up at night.

    Smart switch - no need to switch on

   There is a light sensor inside the socket, which can turn on the lamp (on the product) automatically according to the brightness in the bedroom. But here comes the problem: what if you're going to have a travelling? Fortunately, we have a manual switch beside the lamp to control it.

    Soft lamp - energy saving

    Some people may wonder, would the lamp be so harsh at night? Would it cost too much energy if the lamp is turned on the whole night? To be honest, these kind of questions are under consideration before we launched this product since Futina always takes user experience as our priority. The lamp is soft enough so that you can see things clearly on the condition that it won't cause trouble in sleeping. Moreover, the power of the lamp is as low as one kilowatt one year so that you can feel free to use it.

    A brand with 22 years history - a brand you can trust
    Futinafounded in 1995, has a history of 22 years specializing in switches and sockets. Quality is the key to the sustained development for an enterprise. Futina always stands in customers' shoes, providing product with safety and practicality. Today, Futina launches this new 5 pin smart socket with lamp - combining smart, convenience and energy saving in one. There is no doubt that it not only helps increase the sales of A20 Series, but also leads us enter into a world with fashion. Through innovation, Futina steps further towards our mission - to be the leading brand in the world.


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